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Timber Laminate Flooring

Much more than simply an economical alternative to timber flooring, Today's laminate allows the designer in you to be set free, with a range colours and designs not constricted by that which nature can produce.

Along with the added beauty that a laminate floor brings to your home, Laminate flooring is not only durable it is also scuff, stain, scratch and burn resistant giving you the piece of mind that no other floor can provide. 



Timber Floorboards

Timber floors are available in all types and colours, for any application and it can get a bit confusing when trying to choose. Do you want solid, floating, direct stick, parquetry and which company has the product that you really want.

We supply Prefinished Timber Floating Floors that are designed specifically to be installed over any solid sub-floor such as concrete slabs, chipboard or plywood or most other flat dry surfaces. 


We have a number of Carpets available in all types and colours and can be used as a luxury finish, or in a kids playroom they are very durable and come in many types including the stain resistant.


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